2018 production of CLEVER LITTLE LIES by Joe DiPietro at Penguin Rep.
Directed by Tom Caruso
Lighting by Ed McCarthy
Costumes by David Kaley

  • Role Scenic Designer

“A special shout out here to the brilliant sets by James J. Fenton, which actually got a huge ovation when the locker room morphed into the elegant living room of Bill and Alice’s home. Great theater!” BROADWAY WORLD, by Peter Danish

"…the Penguin Barn Theatre in which we are comfortably ensconced, turning a needed set change into a suspense moment, because we know that Bill won’t be able to keep a damn thing from Alice and we’re shifting to his living room, (incidentally, one of the handsomest settings the Penguin has ever turned out, it’s by designer James J. Fenton)." THEATRESCENE.COM by Eugene Paul

“Once again, scenic designer James Fenton hits it out of the park. His locker room set for scene one is remarkably realistic and when two panels were maneuvered to reveal Bill and Alice’s comfortably appointed living room at the performance I attended, there were oohs and aahs from the audience.” ONSTAGE BLOG – John P. McCarthy

"It’s a finely detailed set, traditionally furnished with heavy fabric couch and matching chairs, a panoply of potted plants, miniature picture frames dotting the back wall, a well-stocked bookcase, and a built-in bar. After the opening performance, writer Joe DiPietro remarked, ‘That set was beautiful. They did a great job.’ ” – BRUCE THE BLOG, Bruce Apar