Fall 2017 Production of SILENT SKY by Lauren Gunderson
IRNE Nomination for Best Scenic Design

Directed by Sean Daniels
Lighting Design by Brian Lillianthal
Costume Design by Anne Kennedy
Sound Design and Original Composition by David Keaton

  • Role IRNE Nomination Best Scenic Design
  • For Merrimack Repertory Theatre

“The set, designed by James J. Fenton is as breathtaking and icy as outer space, a glittering black behemoth with a gold-and-ebony spider web etched into its great round floor.” Erik Nikander- ARTS FUSE

“Scenic designer James J. Fenton, along with lighting designer Brian J. Lilienthal, created a magnificent place in which the characters would soon come to life. As I scanned the theatre I noticed dozens of various shaped lights that encircled not only the stage, but extended out above the heads of the audience. While I assumed, based on the subject of the play, that these lights would represent the sky and stars in some way, I was curious to see exactly how and when they would be illuminated. Trust me when I say, that moment is one of the most spectacularly crafted moments of the show.” Angelica Potter – ON STAGE BLOG

“Set deisgner James J. Fenton has done lovely work for MRT..his multi-level set features a balcony, lights that double when needed as stars, and a series of concentric circles that could be seen as astronomical markings of some kind.” Rich Fahey – ON BOSTON STAGES

“This production is well paced and full of heart, and aided by an exquisite yet understated set design that encompasses both the warm wooden feel of home and the stardust that dazzles in Henrietta’s eyes.” Craig Idlebrook – NEW ENGLAND THEATRE GEEK