NY Revival of a New Play by Tom Dudzick @ Penguin Repertory Theatre.
Directed by Tom Caruso
Lighting Design by Marty Vreeland
Costume Design by Patricia Doherty

“The flickering lamps in the neat but faded living room (designed by James J. Fenton) tell of an old house with a balky electrical system; the strings of colored holiday bulbs suggest inhabitants holding fast to tradition; and the Christmas tree — well, keep an eye on that Christmas tree. It will surprise you, as it does the Gorskis, who have gathered to celebrate the holiday.” NEW YORK TIMES, by Sylviane Gold

“The set, designed by James J Fenton, is extremely authentic, from the plastic cup and different chair that Mickey uses to the pile of VHS tapes lying in the same way anyone who lived through the 90s remembers.” NANUET PATCH, by Alanna O’Brien

“Caruso’s cast fills James J. Fenton’s lovely set, and Patricia E. Doherty’s period costumes, with moments that linger — moments of laughter and heartfelt emotion that make for a memorable night at the theater.” IN THE WINGS, by Peter D. Kramer